"mouse click on the game after "starting up" to play game"


Hi! this game is a bit buggy and obviously has some flaws, but its got a beginning, middle, and end, so thats good enough for me! Wanted to get the mechanics for something down so i could work further on art and story.

How to play:

arrow keys: move

during battle: B is shoot and spacebar is jump! Hit space again while in mid air to use foot rockets to float! Sometimes if you fall onto the side of a wall you will "grapple" it, and can like ricochet yourself high into the air! This is ACTUALLY A BUG but I am thinking of just making it a "cool character ability"

Things that need work:

some of the text doesnt show up (there is supposed to be a "press any key" sign on the title screen, a "game over" on the "game over screen", and a "you won! press any key to restart" on the pink ending screen.

Walls: Character cant go along walls, gets stuck, but if you just go backwards you will get unstuck.

Walking animation: character walks when still and is still while moving. This is fine during the "overworld map", but needs to change during "battles"

obviously I need a lesson on level design as well.

Have fun!


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