This game might take a moment to load. Once you see "press start" (start = enter) begin to flash, you may need to click the game screen to get keystrokes to work. Just kind of a nice little place to explore <3

If you get lost, follow your nose! (arrow keys to move, space bar to sniff)

This game is dedicated to Gammon Rd! All backgrounds were sourced while in Nova Scotia, and all music is digitally sampled from recordings made in the region (Save for one synth sound). The Queen Of Quoddy is none other than Boo-Boo (RIP) who will forever remain in our hearts. What a lovely pup :,)

Game Story: The Queen of Quoddy is the new spirit defender of Gammon Rd! Collect The Runes of the Elder Futhark in their correct order to save the day!!!

*** game created for the Pigsquad #Summer Slow Jams from Aug 7th to Aug 22nd 2019 ***

** updated to actually work May 11th, 2020 **

**only real bug left seems to be that some runes slow down gameplay in some runes when investigated too much! Just imagine the spiritual weight of knowledge is a huge burden, but Boo Boo can handle it!** 

Twitter = @ruunemagick


Updated 18 days ago
Made withGameMaker: Studio


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"App is damaged and can’t be opened. " in macOS that my problem?

oh no! I will admit I do not even know how to look into this, but I will, thank you for bringing it to my attention! 

turned it into an HTML game and supposedly works now :)