"The Soft Dimension" is a digital poetry chapbook and short emotional mixtape that I am entering into  the November-ish 2017 Self-Care Jam.

I usually aim for projects that are WAY too big. When I found Bitsy as a game editor I finally was able to set my eyes on something much smaller, and the room that gave me for creativity actually set me up to go farther beyond the scope of what I was originally planning. I hope to bring this kind of reflective and compassionate energy to my game designs in the future. The big "self care moment" came when a day before submissions were due, I found out Bitsy had put into their engine the ability to program in "items" your character can find, and it was very tempting for me to find out how this segment of the editor worked and try to program in one more aspect to my game before submitting. But instead, I am saving that for a future project, and submitting early, because that feels very nice :)

For more of my work, you can check out www.ruune.net

StatusIn development
Made withBitsy


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I stuck in the left upper corner. Music is great although a volume button would be nice.

hi! which upper left corner? you mean of the first screen or another? Thanks for playing! Yeah I honestly have no idea how to make a volume pad for a game like this, but hopefully in the future!

oh wow that is so strange! I haven't had someone start off there before! interesting thanks for the screenshot!

I'm into playtesting indie games like yours. I'm working on project of free playtesting platform. If you're interested in more feedback and you're willing to play some games in return, visit my website: test4test.io It's alpha so any comments are welcome.