To play, click on the word [[TRINKET]] and then press any arrow key! use the arrow keys to move around! This game is a lot about existing in and exploring this world, so search every nook and cranny for the six secret TRINKETS! [[note that game does not start until arrow keys are hit after clicking on the title! Another bug note: some Bitsy Games seem to run slowly in Chrome! For some reason!]]

Welcome to [[TRINKET]], a demo for an RPG idea that I improv designed as I was creating the game!

I used BITSY GAME MAKER to create this over November and December!

There are some glitches I still wanted to fix, and some features I wanted to add, but I was really interested in letting it be finished and releasing it before 2018 so that I could begin the year with a clean slate. Enjoy!

GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, demo


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this is pretty cool! i like how its all so questionable and morally grey or really just plain paints you as a foolish person causing people pain lol

i was only able to find 5 trinkets- cave, the two royal families(?), the forest, and the water one.. i legit have no idea where to look for the 6th one tho.. 

oh wow thank you for playing this! Did you find both of the huts where the explorer/treasure hunter/fisher lives? If not, to the east of the Heirophants Castle there is a dock with one of them, you might find some clues there :)

if you mean the lady and the mermaid(?) who are dating then yeah!!! i found them!!!! i was sooooooo happy about that!!!! (i guess by the water trinket i meant the one near the mermaid(?))


Cool yay! ok, so the last one is during the highway in between the second and third castles! some of the rocks are "climbable" there should be like a whirlpool if I remember correctly? (this is terrible game design if I can't even remember hahaha) thank you so so so much for playing my game!

i found it!!! i cant believe i didn't realize that was a whirl pool- i just thought it meant the ones from the docks haha

also omg that is so mean!!!! the ending when u find all the trinkets is making me anxious now... DID I MISS THE 7TH TRINKET??? ARE YOU JUST MESSING WITH ME??? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!


OH NO! I am sorry! That REALLY IS just horrible game design! It was originally the seven hidden trinkets and I must have just not fixed all the text. It was part of a game jam (and one of my first games really) so I just messed up! I am supper sorrrrry!